IELTS Speaking Course

Complete IELTS Speaking course in just 1 month.

IELTSin1Month IELTS Speaking Course


4 intensive online lessons with live instructor, 4 extra exam question seminars, and 1 bonus exam review. All learning materials included. Finish entire IELTS speaking course in just 1 month.

IELTSin1Month advantage approach

Learn the IELTSin1Month advantage approach and know where your band score will be obtained before taking the actual speaking test. Practice actual IELTS speaking questions with a live online instructor to quickly improve your speaking band score.

One-on-one instruction

Our average group size is only 5 students which allows one-on-one interaction with a live online IELTS instructor. Follow our structured speaking answers and let us push you to your full speaking potential.

Increase IELTS Speaking Scores

About IELTS Speaking test

You have 11 to 14 minutes to complete the 3 parts of the IELTS Speaking section.

You will be complete the Part 1 IELTS speaking section with an examiner on general topics familiar to you such as home, family, work, school, and interests. You will be given a task card for Part 2 and be asked several questions by the examiner based on the task card. For Part 3, you will be asked further questions expanding on the topic covered by Part 2.

When marking the speaking section, the assessor will focus on your language fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation.

Increase your IELTS Speaking band score.

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